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Heart Of The Tao

About Us

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    Joyce Brown, MA
    Patty Baker, MTCM, L.Ac


Our Mission          

bullet pointAwaken the soul and its purpose
bullet pointRealize and express one’s uniqueness
bullet pointHarm none other
bullet pointHelp end suffering, bring peace, and to do this
        within the individual

What is Heart of the Tao?

The Heart will reveal to you the truth: the truth about who you are, the journey you are on, and the world you live in.  The heart is the pure place within your entire being.  The heart is free of any form of deception. This is important when you are making discoveries about your true purpose as a soul, and when you are living your life; all are affected by the truth of the heart.

Tao is another word for Divine, God, Creator, Source; it is another word for the all-encompassing presence that has created everything.  Tao is heart; Tao is soul; Tao is nature; Tao is all that exists. Tao is pure love, pure light, pure care & compassion, pure forgiveness. Tao is infinite knowledge and wisdom. Tao is the pure essence of all that there is.

Heart of the Tao means coming from the true place of who you are as a soul and feeling and expressing it from your heart.  This is when you know you are in your truth, and this truth is the greatest gift you can give to you and to others.   

Heart of the Tao also means to connect to all forms of life from the heart and soul.  When you come from your heart and connect to any soul or spirit, you are using Heart of the Tao. 

Our Philosophy

At Heart Of The Tao our purpose is to help as many human beings as possible to awaken to their own soul and it’s purpose.  We want to help others to realize that each person is very unique, and in this uniqueness is the expression of who they truly are.  

This is not the only purpose.  We at Heart of the Tao also want to help end suffering, to bring peace, and to do this within the individual. One way to bring peace to oneself is to know who you are, to know what is your purpose, and to harm none other.  

We have found this one thing to be true: when you know more about who you are, this helps to remove fear, doubt, worry, and false belief’s about you as a person. 

The Heart of the Tao is one way to move beyond the limitations you may have learned in this lifetime, and to do this in a gentle way, in a way that nourishes you, that is loving and compassionate, and enlightens you to who you are.

At the Heart of The Tao, we bring to you the opportunity to begin a path or a journey of self-discovery to becoming consciously aware of who you truly are. When you can discover how to follow pathways that benefit your life, you will discover that at the same time you can benefit the lives of others.